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ME Held an Online Reception Day for Undergraduates

Last updated: 2022-12-21

According to the unified arrangement of the college, in line with the original intention of caring for the academic growth of undergraduates, ME organized an online reception activity for undergraduates on December 22, from 16:00 to 18:00. Yao Jiantao, Vice president of the college, Zhang Ying of the general Office, Wang Shiyun of the Academic Work Office, Qiu Xuesong, Deputy director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Liu Dawei, Deputy director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hao Xiuhong, member of the branch, Xing Jichun, and the representatives of 2021 students from metallurgical machinery, plastic molding, machine design, mechanism, electromechanical and machine control majors, a total of more than 30 people. The reception was hosted by Qiu Xuesong, deputy director of the Department of Engineering.

During the activity, the teachers gave detailed and patient answers to the students' questions about metalworking practice, spring opening, innovation competition, learning methods of metal technology, how to learn specialized courses, and what knowledge needs to be supplemented after class, etc., and introduced the courses set up by ME in detail. Make the students have a deep understanding of the professional basic courses, professional courses learning, so as to clear the direction of efforts and development prospects. At the end of the activity, Yao Jiantao gave a more in-depth reply to the questions raised by the students, pointing out that the way of learning should be innovative, hoping that the students should pay attention to cultivating their own consciousness of innovation, gather and form a good learning atmosphere of mutual assistance, actively participate in the mechanical innovation design competition, and cultivate the research spirit, and put forward good wishes to the students. Yao Jiantao also said “I wish all the students to grow together and succeed in their studies.”