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ME Received Two Outstanding Youth Fund Projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China

Last updated: 2021-08-19

At present, the National Natural Science Foundation of China has released the evaluation results of some projects accepted by the National Natural Science Foundation in 2021. Yang Zhinan and Yu Bin, faculty of the ME, were supported by the Outstanding Youth Fund project, achieving a historic breakthrough of zero in the Outstanding Youth Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of our school.

Yang Zhinan, Professor and doctoral supervisor, Department of Metallurgical Machinery, School of Mechanical Engineering, Yanshan University. Mainly engaged in advanced iron and steel materials and preparation of key technology research. He has published 1 monograph, 1 translation, more than 80 academic papers, 25 authorized inventions at home and abroad, and won the second prize of National Technological Invention, the first prize of Technological Invention of Hebei Province, the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province, and the Hebei Metallurgical Youth Science and Technology Award. He was awarded the honorary titles of "Top Young Talents of Hebei Province", "Excellent Expert of Hebei Province Management" and "Young Academic Talents of Hebei Province Metallurgy Industry". Mainly engaged in hot working process control research of iron and steel materials, including bainitic steel, austenitic steel, composite steel and other series of iron and steel materials, the development of ultra-fine bainitic structure control path, ultra-fast phase transition method, high manganese steel high efficiency prehardening technology, based on the element diffusion control of high strength and high toughness composite steel and other series of hot working technology of high performance iron and steel materials. The multi-stage microstructure design and hot-working control of metal in the approved project of You Qing is proposed to focus on "Green hot-working path of ultra-high toughness ultra-fine bainite steel for key foundation parts", and research is carried out simultaneously around basic scientific issues such as non-equilibrium phase transformation mechanism of ultra-fine bainite and application technical issues such as developing adaptive green hot-working path. In order to contribute to the development of basic theory of material phase change and our high-end key basic component manufacturing technology.

Yu Bin, Associate Professor and doctoral supervisor, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Control Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Yanshan University. The direction of hydraulic drive of foot robot is studied. He is the backbone and secretary of Professor Kong Xiangdong's scientific research team of Yanshan University, the leader of the Outstanding Concluding Project of Mechanical Discipline of National Natural Science Foundation of China, the tutor of the Special Award of Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Shanghai Yin Machinery, the backbone of the national teaching team and the outstanding innovation team of mechanical industry. He was selected as the Young Top-notch Talent of Hebei Province, the Young Academic Talent of Hebei Province in the Field of Machinery, the Young Top-notch Talent of Colleges and Universities of Hebei Province and other talent titles. He is also a member of the Committee of Fluid Transmission and Control Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and the director of Hebei Mechanical Engineering Society. He has presided over 5 national projects, 7 provincial and ministerial projects, 12 enterprise horizontal projects, published more than 60 academic papers, and authorized or publicized more than 30 invention patents. He has won 2 first prizes of Hebei Science and Technology Progress, 1 first prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress, and 1 first prize of Hebei Teaching Achievements. The approved outstanding youth fund projects will draw on the driving structure and control principle of natural mammals, and propose three innovative research contents: parameter matching design of pump and valve fusion "hydraulic robot muscle", correlation law of weight and performance of "hydraulic robot limb", and fusion control method of global working condition of "hydraulic robot nerve". In order to form the bionic hydraulic drive design theory and control method of foot robot, it will provide more powerful muscles and more adaptive nerves for various types of foot robot in our country.

In 2021, the number of applications of National Natural Science Foundation and Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province both exceeded 100 for the first time. In the application of the National Natural Science Fund and other funds in 2022, ME will continue to do a good job in the service work, deeply tap the school's application potential, take multiple measures to further improve the quality of project application, continue to strengthen the school's basic scientific research ability with the fund as the starting point, and strive to achieve better results of various funds in 2022.