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Notice on the Organization and Holding of the 2022 End-of-term General Meeting of the Hospital

Last updated: 2022-12-28

All faculty members of the College:

In order to further summarize and exchange work, and promote the better and faster development of the school, the school plans to hold a general meeting at the end of the semester in the near future. The specific arrangements are as follows:

I. Time:

2022.12.30 (Friday) from 15:00 to 16:00, enter the venue from 14:30

Ii. Meeting Format:

Online Tencent conference (the conference number will be released before the conference)

Iii. Contents of the meeting:

Annual work summary and exchange (about 1 hour)

Iv. Other Notes:

1. This meeting requires the real name system to join the meeting, will be approved by the staff after entering the venue. In order to avoid congestion, please set the nickname of the membership to my name in advance, and apply for membership in advance;

2. There is no need to turn on the camera after the meeting. Please install the Tencent conference software in advance and choose a relatively quiet environment to attend the meeting.

3. All faculty and staff of the college are requested to arrange their work as a whole and attend the meeting on time. Teachers who can not attend the meeting shall be collected by each unit and submitted to the general office of the College for false reporting.

School of Mechanical Engineering

28 December 2022