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The College Youth League Committee Organized and Held the 2022 Student Organization Report Meeting

Last updated: 2022-12-13

On December 11, 2022, the 2022 Youth League Committee student report meeting was held online through Tencent conference. The meeting was conducted under the guidance of teachers Nie Wenlong and Wang Shiyun. Four part-time student deputy secretaries of the Youth League Committee and the main person in charge of each student organization attended the meeting.

Online meeting place of 2022 Youth League Committee Student Organization briefing

In strict accordance with the requirements of the year-end assessment of the school Youth League committee, the report meeting organized each student organization to carry out ppt report. The Research Council of the Student Union, Lei Feng Commando, Science and Technology and Innovation Association, and the Propaganda Department of the Youth League Committee have successively carried out the work report of this year. Based on the actual work, each organization summarized the work results and highlights of this year's activities, looked for deficiencies, and formulated the next stage of work goals. The data was detailed, fully prepared, and the report was fluent and confident, showing the style of the organization and student leaders. Four students' part-time deputy secretaries and teachers of the Youth League committee commented on the report content of each organization, affirmed the achievements and put forward suggestions for modification of the shortcomings.

Report to the Student Union Research Council

Lei Feng commando report

Report from the Association for Science, Technology and Innovation

Youth League Committee group publicity department report

On the one hand, this report meeting is for each organization to perform better in the year-end examination defense organized by the Youth League Committee, and to fully show the organizational construction and characteristic activities of the college. On the other hand, by summarizing and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages, we can find the future efforts and development direction of each organization. Looking forward to the future, THE faculty and students of the Youth League Committee of the COLLEGE WILL COMMIT to the strong ring PROGRAM, continue to carry forward the spirit of struggle, and do a good job in the work of the Communist Youth League.